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Y2K Styles for Short Hair That Still Look Great in 2021

Y2K Styles for Short Hair That Still Look Great in 2021

the best y2k hairstyles for short hair

As someone who was in their teens during the start of ‘the new millennium’, I find it really amusing how Y2K hairstyles and fashion are resurging.

I don’t plan on waging a war on Gen-Z, don’t worry! I just find it really interesting. The things we wore at the time were what was in vogue but looking back at them in hindsight, they were fun but perhaps not something I’d wear again. Well, the clothes at least. The hairstyles? Some of them may be seen as no longer age-appropriate for me (I’m 32) but they still look super cute.

There’s an abundance of styles for those with a long mane. If you’re looking for Y2K hairstyles for short hair, there aren’t a lot but they’re just as fun to wear. Here are my top picks!

Bleached bangs

Frame your face with the help of bleached bangs! You don’t even have to have a fringe to sport this. Just section about inch-thick pieces of hair on both sides of your face and bleach them. If you’re in need of inspiration, just look at how Dua Lipa rocked it.

Butterfly clips

butterfly clips were so big in y2k

Ah, so nostalgic. I used to use these clips like they were a headband. I clip different front pieces of my hair upward and back. But you can also go the minimalist route and just clip a small section to the side — Britney used to always do it.


bandanas were a hit during y2k

Using a bandana is one of the easiest ways to rock a Y2K hairstyle for short hair. Just fold a bandana to make a triangle, place it over your head — make sure some parts of your hair are peeping — and tie it behind your neck.

Flipped out ends

flipped out ends hairstyle

This one’s a bit inspired by the ’70s. If you have a hair iron, just flip the ends of your hair outward. You don’t need to make them look soft though (that’s what sets this style apart from the ’70s Farah Fawcett look). Just make sure they stick out! This looks more Y2K-inspired if your hair has layers.

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Zigzag Part

zigzag hair part is one of the top hairstyles for short hair in the y2k era

This is one of the more iconic Y2K hairstyles for short hair! It’s pretty hard to make the hairs on top stay in place if you’re used to parting your hair to one side but it’s not a little gel can’t help with. This is easier to achieve with a rattail comb, but you can still try it with a regular comb. The most important thing is to lay the top part of your hair down so you can see the zigzag.

Which of these Y2K hairstyles for short hair will you be sporting in 2021?

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