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Try the Zenutrients Deodorant Spray! Do It.

Try the Zenutrients Deodorant Spray! Do It.

My headline is far from zen, but it’s because I’m so excited to share my thoughts — well, rave, really — about the Zenutrients Deodorant Spray (Tea Tree).

First of all, I understand that deodorants and armpits are subjects that not a lot of people like to discuss. However, I come from a country where almost everyone is obsessed with fair, flawless pits, so this is just like talking about lipstick to me.

Now, my quest to find the best deodorant for me has been long and hard. I’ve tried everything, and I mean everything — from sticks to sprays to liquids. I’ve tried going the natural route before, too, but the product I used didn’t work out for me. Now, though, I can’t be happier that I went natural again and found a product that actually works!

Zenutrients Deodorant that comes in a spray format.

Packaging, texture

Zenutrients Deodorant Spray is a rather runny lotion housed in a spray tube. Its main ingredients are tea tree oil and peppermint oil. Tea tree has anti-bacterial properties, which is exactly what you’d like to have in a deodorizing product because bacteria cause an unpleasant smell mixed with your sweat. (If you wanna go more technical about it, bacteria cause odor when it breaks down into acid on your skin.) Peppermint oil doesn’t really have known positive effects on the skin, so I’m assuming it was used for the scent and the cooling effect. If you’re not a fan of minty scents, you won’t like this. But I love minty, fresh scents, so this is just perfect.

Application and results

You spray it on, spread it, and wait for it to dry. The wait won’t be long because this takes less time to dry than deodorants you buy from the drugstore.

The first time I tried the Zenutrients Deodorant Spray, I had it on for more than 12 hours and my pits smelled like fresh peppermint leaves the entire time. I even asked my husband if I wasn’t just imagining how fresh I still smelled at the end of the day, and he agreed.

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It’s great at keeping odor at bay, I swear. Just don’t expect it to hold your sweat in, too. It’s a deodorant, after all. I don’t mind sweating anymore, though, because it’s the body’s natural way of releasing toxins.

So there. I think I sound like I’m running while writing this piece, but I’m just really giddy about the product! I’ve been trying to persuade all of my family and friends to try it. Now, I’m trying to persuade you.

If you ever give this product a shot, let me know how it works out for you. If you’ve tried this before, share your thoughts!