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Belo SunExpert Face Cover Review: Should You Try It?

Lightweight, moisturizing and doesn’t leave a white cast — aside from protecting my skin from harmful UV rays, of course — are the things I look for in a sunscreen. Those are also the things the Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 and PA+++ promise. Did it live up to my expectations?


The Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 and PA+++ comes in a sunny-colored tube. If you know me or if you’ve been here before, you’d know that while I appreciate nice packaging, I’m still after a product’s functionality. So I like the fuss-free approach they took with this sunscreen. Because, really? Is there any other way to package cream/liquid sunscreen than in a tube?

The Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 comes in a sunny yellow tube.

Texture, color, scent

This sunscreen has a similar texture to the sunscreens we grew up with, except it’s a bit less oily and sticky. It’s lightweight and glides on smoothly on the skin. It’s also similar in color to other sunscreens. As far as the scent goes, this doesn’t have the typical sunscreen scent (which I actually like). It’s not fragrance-free but it doesn’t smell off-putting and unpleasant.

The texture of this sunscreen is similar to old-school sunscreens — liquid but creamy.

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Claims and results

The Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 and PA+++ is said to contain a CellProtect formula that helps prevent premature aging caused by sun damage. It also claims to be hypoallergenic and great for using under makeup.

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I use this after putting on moisturizer during daytime and reapply if I’m outside (I work at home!). It does feel like a second moisturizer when you put it on and it gets absorbed quite quickly. I have dry, sensitive skin and have found this to be gentle. Major plus points that it didn’t break me out! As far as sun protection goes, it’s doing a great job. I use acids twice a week, and I’m glad I haven’t developed spots due to being exposed to the sun.

I also don’t encounter problems using it underneath makeup. I sometimes even mix it with my foundation when I feel like having just a tint of color on my face. A bit of a downside: On days I put on makeup, it’s still a bit hard to reapply. Despite that, I still think this sunscreen is something you should look into. I’m almost done with the 20ml tube (PHP179~) and am ready to buy the 50ml one (PHP330~) once I’m out.

Have you tried this sunscreen before? What’s your favorite sunscreen?

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