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Beauty Style

Beauty Lately

Things are still slow for me in the beauty department. I sometimes get the urge to whip out my brushes and makeup products and just play, but I still don’t have the energy for it. I did promise to make this year the one where I reacquaint myself with makeup, as in really learning and …

Beauty Style

The Road To Clarity

It’s no secret that having perfect skin is a goal for many people. And it’s also no secret that I’m one of those people. Ever since I got adult acne, it’s been one of my goals to get rid of it. I’ve been good at keeping the situation under control, but it’s not exactly where …

Beauty Style

Problematic Beauty

I love beauty. I think I’ve said it quite a few times for articles I’ve written for different jobs, but deep inside I’ve always been hesitant about it. But now I’m owning it. I love beauty. I love makeup. I love skincare. But I don’t love the industry itself, and how much of it pays …