Friends, Romans, countrymen, (fellow bloggers, loyal readers and first time visitors) lend me your ears (or eyes)!

I come to bury* products I’ve used up, and I might praise some of them.**

It took me a while to make this post because 1) it takes a while before one uses up a product and 2) some people apparently get annoyed by posts containing photos of empty bottles and canisters, so I thought twice before I gave this a go.
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Unlike some, however, I like seeing people’s used-up products. It makes me want to give the person a pat on the back for accomplishing something some people (read: me) would probably leave undone.

So, yes, I want to pat myself on the back now, too. Yay for not quitting things halfway through, self! Here are some of the products I’ve used up.


Nu Skin ageLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone

If you’ve been here before, you already have an idea of what I think about this product. If you’re new here and are curious to know, learn what I like and dislike about this product here.

Clean and Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser Brightening Lemon

I didn’t realize how awkward this product’s name is until I typed it. After I stopped taking birth control pills, my skin went haywire. I didn’t get acne when I was a teenager but now, well, I do. So my face has spots from the dried up zits here and there now. I tried this product because of its promise to brighten the skin. I was hoping it would at least help diminish the darkness of spots but this did nothing. It smells good, though!

St. Ives Extra Shine Conditioner

This does exactly what it promises. I’ve noticed my hair has a bit of life even if I rarely comb through it. There’s definitely a shine to it, too. The only reason why I didn’t get this variant again is because I wanted to try the straightening one. But if you have healthy hair and just want it to look shiny, get this.

Myra E Sun Protect Daily Moisturizer

My skin did not feel extra hydrated when I used this, which is fine since the moisturizer isn’t really heavy. It’s perfect for daily use, as suggested. Seeing that it has SPF, though, it leaves a slight tinge of white cast — the same thing you would expect from a sunscreen. 

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maybelline hypercurl volum express mascara

Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Mascara

I wrote a review on this here, if you care to know what I think about it.

What do you think about empties posts?

What products have you used up last month? 

Share your empties below!

*I promise I won’t bury my emptied products. I care for the environment just like you, so there’s no need to worry. 
** This quote was adapted from a line in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

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