GInvest Review: A Noob’s Perspective

So what is GInvest?

Let me preface this by saying I know nothing about investing — yet. Don’t throw terms at me; I swear I don’t know what they mean. I am, however, always curious to learn more and improve. I’ve been toying with the idea of investing for some time now. The truth is the only two investments I have are the one that’s tied to my life insurance and the house we’re paying for. When I found out about GInvest, though, I thought I could give it a shot. And I did.

What’s GInvest?

It’s a platform within a platform (the GCash app) that allows you to invest money — as low as P50 — in different entities. The idea is to empower people to invest more since investing, as a concept, can be quite daunting.

How do you use it?

Since it’s already on the GCash app, using the service is quite easy — it’s kinda like any other app where you fill out things and tap, tap, tap. I believe you have to be fully verified on GCash, though, in order to avail of this service.

Just look for the GInvest icon on the app, take the risk appetite test so you know what your “investing personality” is. You can invest based on your risk appetite or invest however you want, it’s up to you.

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Something to note, though, is that the different investment categories require different amounts to start with. It’s true that you can invest as low as P50, but other categories (the international ones) have a minimum of P1,000 as a starter amount.

What I did + a mini-review

The minimum investment amount was really what got me interested. So I took the test and was told my risk appetite is moderately aggressive. I invested in the fund recommended for my risk appetite.

I made an initial investment of P100 just to see how it goes. After the buy was confirmed, which takes three days, I saw the P100 turned into P99~. After receiving another P100 in my GCash account, though, I thought I’d put it in again.

So now, the total investment I made is P200 and my current fund is at P200.83. It’s not even a month since I started, though, so I’m keeping my hopes in check.

I tried GInvest and here are my thoughts.

I’m curious about the international funds (you can invest in Alphabet, Apple, etc.), but those require a bigger amount to shell out, so I’m holding off first. If I do get more funds on my GCash account (from our small business — though that’s seldom because we offer COD), I will split the amount between investing and saving in my GSave (CIMB) account.

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The interest rate for digital banks is notably higher than traditional ones; CIMB is offering a promo rate of 4% per annum (though their standard is 2.5%~) while traditional banks have an interest rate of .125% per annum for regular savings accounts. I’ll continue reading about investing and we’ll see how it goes.

I don’t know much about yields, how much the provider charges for mediating/processing your investments and other measurements, so I can only comment on the platform. I think it’s a good initiative. It’s incredibly easy to use; you can keep track of everything right at the tip of your fingers.

My only advice for noobs like me is to research more on how to invest and watch people in the financial content space to learn more. Let’s take advantage of the accessibility but also enrich our knowledge about it first.

How about you? Have you tried GInvest?

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