[Photo by Charlotte Godfrey, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0, modified by adding design elements]

Lookbooks are all the rage these days.

If you haven’t been acquainted to them yet, they are books that show products by a clothing brand. Although they serve the same purpose as a catalogue, lookbooks are what you can call “catalogues with more fun.” They have creatively shot photos of products, often following a theme, that don’t have product names and other details and prices.

If you’re a small business owner who wants to step up your game, or a portrait/fashion photographer who wants to showcase your best works, the fashion lookbook is the answer! I’ll give you a rundown on how to create a fashion look book.
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Love at first sight

The most important thing about look books is the photos. 
Create a setting of aspiration — something that people would want to aspire to have. [TWEET THIS!]

In other words: make them fall in love.


 [Photo by: Bobbi Vie, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0, modified with design elements]
Your brand and business have a message to send your target audience. It’s the very reason why your company exists. Make sure it’s effectively conveyed through the photos.

Details and Design

Aim for an effective design: one that highlights the photos and makes your audience wanting to flip to the next page and see what else is in store for them. If you’re not too keen on designing, hire someone who knows its ins and outs. 

Print? Yes or no?

Now here’s something you should think about. Treat your lookbook as an investment piece.
Showcasing something online saves you pennies, but the charm of tangible things will never fade. [TWEET THIS!]

In Motion?

This appears to be the latest trend. I’ve seen countless numbers of lookbooks on YouTube and it’s worth a shot. It gives you a wider audience and allows you to stretch your creativity a little further.

So, there. You’re pretty much set. Get on it! We’d love to see your final product so don’t be shy to send us a copy (or a photo of what it looks like)! Good luck!
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