I’m Alive + New And Old Things

Well, that was fast.

I had the intention of putting more effort into this space, but I guess I got side-tracked by personal matters (and the elections!!!). We’re here now, though! Let’s get cracking.

To be honest, I haven’t been putting on makeup much lately. With the heat, I find it unnecessary. I’ve been trying out a few different beauty techniques, though.

I got on board the reverse shampooing train. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a technique where you… well, you do your shampoo routine in reverse. So, yes, conditioner first and then shampoo. It felt weird at first, but when you think about it as something like double cleansing for your hair, it makes sense. The results are not as dramatic as one would expect, though I do appreciate that my hair doesn’t feel as limp anymore.

Another new (to me) thing I’ve been trying out for a couple of months now is sheet masking! The Leaders mask I got from my Project Vanity Anniversary loot bag was my gateway. I haven’t been adventurous as far as brands go, though. I’ve stuck to just Leaders and Etude House, but I’ve read rave reviews about The Face Shop masks, so I’ll give it a go soon.

leaders sheet mask

Totally questioning myself because I should’ve started sooner. Heh. But better late than never! Do you have a favorite mask? Let me know!

tony moly cc cream

Also reprimanding myself for being dismissive of Korean products because I initially thought they didn’t fit my ~aesthetic~. Korean cosmetics seemed too cutesy to me, but not anymore. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about their makeup, and well, I should’ve known that already. The Koreans are ruling the beauty industry right now, if you ask me. So, yes, I’m hopping on the K train before it’s too late.

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I’ve been trying out a set of skincare products for more than a month now; I’ll post about it soon! I’ve also started trying a couple of things from QuickFX. It’s a Korean brand that you can find at Watson’s. All their products are in sachets that have tube openings. I’m still testing the eye cream out, but the sun block is good. I went swimming, and it got me covered.

Now, on to a few of the products I’ve used up.

empties may

This year, I’m really trying to focus on my skin because I hate having these spots already, and I want my old complexion back! I’m all about moisturizing and evening out my skin tone. So I was happy when I found two body moisturizers in my PV loot bag. The Nivea Extra White lotion has been a trusted product for me since I was in college. The Zenutrients Rich Cocoa butter was surprisingly not sticky, which was nice.

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I know I said I’d lay low from using Myra-E products, and start branching out to other ones, but I still managed to squeeze this little tube out. Myra-E products are lightweight and perfect for daytime, so they’re a bit hard to resist. I haven’t purchased from the brand again, though, so I’m keeping my promise.

So, there. I know this sounds rushed and all, but I just wanted to be here again to let you know (well, assuming you’re still around) that I’m still here, too! I’ve been trying out a lot of new things, and there are a ton of old products and favorites I’ve yet to write about, so there will be lots to share in the coming months. I just need to re-calibrate a bit. I hope the first half of the year (!!!) is treating you well.

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