They say great things come in small packages. Well, I’m about to find out if that applies to beauty products, too.

Until recently, I was oblivious to the beauty treasures one can find at 7/11. If you’ve been here before, you already know that I moved back to my hometown, which is around three hours away from Metro Manila. My only access to beauty products here, save for online shopping, are Avon and Tupperware ladies, supermarkets and a 7/11.

Since the convenient store is close to my daughter’s school, we go there more often than we intend for snacks and other things. I spotted the iWhite BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream, picked it up, tried it out, liked it. And now we’re here.

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Offering products in sachets is a good move. We’re not exactly a sample country, so it’s hard to test something out before buying it in full size. (I’m aware that there’s Sample Room, but it’s still much harder to get samples here than in other countries where you can get ones for free when you purchase other products or when you ask a sales assistant for them.) Buying products in sachets makes it easier for you to see whether a product would work, minus shelling out a big chunk of money. Plus, they’re handy to carry around, which make them perfect for traveling! (Thanks for the tip, Rae!)

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There are quite a few brands that offer products in sachets now, and I’m going to find out which ones I would throw away and never look back on and which ones that would warrant a bigger version. I’m excited! If you are, too, I hope you join me on this little journey.

Have you tried products in sachets before? Did you find a favorite from your sachet-trying adventures?
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