This Low pH Cleanser Is Okay but Not My Fave

A review of the iWhite Gentle Morning Gel Wash.
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On paper (or on the label), the iWhite Korea Gentle Morning Gel Wash seemed like a good candidate for “the best low pH cleanser” for me. It has a low pH formula; it’s fragrance-free; it contains pretty good skin-loving ingredients (aloe vera leaf water and extract, willow bark extract, and cotton rose extract) and it’s affordable. After using it for a couple of months or so, I think it’s okay but it’s not my fave. Here’s why.

Packaging and texture

The iWhite low pH Gentle morning Gel wash comes in a tube.

The iWhite Korea Gentle Morning Gel Wash comes in what I can best describe as a hybrid of plastic and aluminum. It doesn’t feel brittle as many plastic tubes and it feels like a toothpaste tube when you squeeze the product out. The packaging is pretty straightforward in terms of the design. It has a refreshing green color that’s easy on the eyes.

Like the product’s name suggests, its texture is gel-like. It doesn’t have a color nor a fragrance, which I really like. It’s definitely thicker in consistency when compared to the Celeteque Hydrating Facial Wash, my first foray into the low pH cleanser arena.

The facial wash's texture is gel-like but is viscous.


I’ve misplaced the charger of my Foreo Luna Mini 2 and it’s not in its optimal state right now, so I use this with just my tried and trusty hands. It lathers up nicely; the foam is a bit denser compared to the Celeteque wash but a bit thinner in comparison to the Senka Perfect Whip Facial Wash. It’s easier to rinse off too. My skin doesn’t feel taut after I use it, but Celeteque is a bit more moisturizing on the skin.

It lathers up nicely but not densely.

Final thoughts

Everything sounds good, right? I think this is a good product but perhaps not the greatest for me. The iWhite Korea Gentle Morning Gel Wash is a good basic cleanser, but small bumps have started to grow on my jawline while using this.

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Recalling my experience with the facial wash I previously used, though, I think I had the same thing happen — so maybe it’s just low pH cleansers in general. In any case, I’m holding off re-purchasing until I find out the answer. But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. For P199 for an 85ml tube, you won’t really feel too bad if it doesn’t work.

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