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5 Tips From Kelsey Merritt’s Vogue Beauty Secrets Video

Beauty tips to glean from model Kelsey Merrittmodel
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Fil-Am model Kelsey Merritt shared how she usually does her makeup in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series. I’m really a fan of the series because while there are tips that have been shared and regurgitated by so many people before, there are ones that are quite refreshing. I remember one from Candice Swanepoel where she uses a mauve-coloured eyeshadow as a base for her contour. I’m not sure if it will work for everyone, but it’s something I’ve never heard of before.

Kelsey Merritt’s video doesn’t have a lightbulb moment, but there are quite a few sensible tips. Here are five you (and I) can try.

Exfoliating your lips

There are a number of ways to scrub your lips. This DIY lip scrub is pretty nifty, but if you’re pressed for time and are not a fan of using scrubs, Kelsey suggests you just dampen a towel and use it as an exfoliator.

Aloe vera for your scalp

I’ve been noticing a rising trend on scrubbing the scalp or deep cleansing it, and this might just be the latest addition to it. The model — who, by the way, is the first Filipino to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show — suggests massaging fresh aloe vera gel on your scalp to keep it from getting too dry (and eventually getting dandruff perhaps). Granted, we don’t all have an aloe vera plant. But it’s easy to source and you can use it for other things, too.

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Put your eyeshadow from the bottom up

Kelsey said she used to be bad about putting on her eye makeup until a makeup artist told her to start her application near her lashline and working her way up. I’m more of a wash of color girl and just go straight to the middle of my eyelid, but I’ll definitely try this for more precision.

Curl your eyelashes every day

She didn’t really share it as a tip, but I wonder if this can trick your hair into looking fluttery. If you think of it in the same way of exercising muscles or ironing your hair (which is not healthy for every day, of course!), it might work.

Don’t be afraid to look natural

She put quite a few products on and the result was natural. I’m so used to seeing glam looks on Instagram so it’s hard not to question where the product is (haha). But it’s nice to see a look that really just enhances the features. I’m not dropping high coverage makeup, but it’s refreshing to try a no makeup-makeup look that really looks like it.

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