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3 Things That Promote More Self-Love

3 Things That Promote More Self-Love

things that promote more self love

There’s no denying that we’re experience tough times. So, now more than ever, we need just a little bit more self-love to tide us through better days. How exactly do you do that? Try these easy ways.

Say no when you mean no.

Setting boundaries is a game-changer. Show yourself love by putting your needs on top of your list. This doesn’t mean you’ll think of just yourself though. You can still do things for other people! You just don’t have to say yes when you actually want the opposite.

Play more.

Did you love dancing when you were a kid? There’s no reason not to love it now too. Give yourself more opportunities to have fun and just enjoy without judgment. So what if it seems silly? Does it make you happy? Go ahead and buy a coloring book, play on monkey bars, turn up the music and sing to your heart’s content. Just have fun!

Talk to yourself as a child.

Yes, you’re being too hard on yourself. How would you feel if you told the things you’re saying to yourself to a child? Not good, yeah? So make sure you give yourself a little bit more grace and speak more kindly to yourself.

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