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3 Easy Ways To Be Kinder to Yourself

3 Easy Ways To Be Kinder to Yourself

how to be kinder to self

Many of us are guilty of being too hard on ourselves. But it’s not benefiting anyone! In fact, it causes more harm than good. So take this as your reminder to be kinder to yourself — you are your best ally after all. Here are three simple, easy, quick, no-hassle — yup, so you’re able to do them often — to give yourself a little grace.

1. Try hot-to-cool thinking

how to be kinder to self

Try to reframe your thoughts but don’t go from one extreme end to another. Instead of trying to change ‘I’m the worst’ to ‘I’m the best’, consider telling yourself, ‘I’m working on it.’

This takes you from being too hard on yourself to understanding that you are not bad as you think you are and that while you may not be there yet, you are working on becoming your best self.

2. Take time to reflect.

take time to reflect

I know — we’re all so busy, we can’t possibly take a minute to think about how we feel and what we’re doing. But you owe it to yourself to check in on good ol’ you as often as needed. Whether you need to resolve something or just need to see where you are, making time for a self-check is a must.

3. Practice gratitude

Focusing on things you value and what you’re grateful for gives you a different perspective. Instead of spending time talking negatively to yourself, practicing gratitude helps you remember what you already have and opens you up to a different way of looking at your current situation.

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