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3 Big Benefits of Journaling

3 Big Benefits of Journaling

benefits of journaling

I’ve always loved journaling. Documenting my life, thoughts and feelings is something I’ve always done. A diary project in fifth grade was actually the catalyst to my pursuit of a career in writing.

Journaling always made me felt good. It’s a time to be alone with my thoughts and feelings, vent as much as I needed, plan and dream of the future. But did you know that the benefits of journaling are quite life-changing? Here are just three of the big ones.

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1. It reduces anxiety and depression.

No placebo here! One of the benefits of journaling is it really does make you feel good. A study has shown that students who journaled at least twice a week felt a reduction of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Pouring your heart out on paper can feel like speaking to a friend!

2. It creates awareness and encourages opening up.

You know how you’re sometimes too deep into your own head? Same. There had been many cases where my thoughts raced too fast for my own good, making me feel like they were gonna trample me over and leave me for dead.

Pausing and letting them out on a journal has helped me re-evaluate my situation and actually think about things — not just letting them swallow me whole.

It also helps one better evaluate their situation. Would you need help? Can you handle it on your own?

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3. It can help with physical and emotional recovery.

I love the clarity journaling gives but it was only recently that I discovered that it actually helps you heal physically — really.

In a study in 2005, women who had breast cancer and journaled about their experience or just made plans or lists showed fewer cancer-related symptoms.

A study on people who were going through PTSD and journaling through it also showed that expressive writing can help patients recover emotionally and mentally.

So if you’ve ever wondered if picking up a pen and writing your thoughts down is a valuable endeavour, these benefits of journaling may help you finally do it.