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Blogging in 2024: Should You Still Do It?

Blogging in 2024: Should You Still Do It?

Blogging in 2024? Really? Well, the short answer is yes. And why not?

I know, it seems like the blogging ship has sailed a long time ago. Everyone’s microblogging on Instagram now or doing videos on YouTube. So what’s the point of keeping a blog? There are, to be quite honest, a LOT. But let’s focus on two right now.

Liberty to tell and own your story

blogging in 2024 is all about telling your story — just the way you like it

Okay, your name is on your Instagram profile or your YouTube channel. But is your content really yours when you share it on those platforms? The answer is yes and no.

Yes, because you own the rights to publish and monetize it. But it’s also a no in that those platforms have the liberty to remove everything you put on their platform should they deem your content (or your channel) inappropriate according to their guidelines.

Of course, the easy way to go about it is just make sure you’re not doing anything wrong or illegal. And I’m not saying you definitely shouldn’t be on those platforms because they’re truly effective avenues for you to share your content on. But you may want to check whether or not you’ll put all your eggs in those baskets and consider adding blogging in 2024 on your to-do list.

Yes, a picture paints a thousand words. So an Instagram post gets a point for that. A video, which can be even more engaging, is also great at capturing audiences. But what if you have a platform that can allow you to do both… and more? As in you can embed both your Instagram and YouTube content and write to your heart’s content and just share stories just the way you want to.

Blogging in 2024 with a self-hosted site gives you complete autonomy over your content… because you own it. Share what you want (but nothing illegal or vile, of course!) and don’t have a fear of waking up one day losing your content. (Just make sure you renew when needed, of course. But let’s get to that in a different story.)

Reach a wider audience by blogging in 2024

own your story with blogging

I want you to answer something honestly. When you’re looking for something online, do you go to Instagram/Facebook/YouTube or to a search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing)?

If you answered the latter, then I think you know what this point is about.

I know. SEO is a tricky thing and there’s no perfect way to go about it, but we gotta admit that when it comes to information and people looking for content, search engines are still kings.

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Did you know that there are 1 billion active users on Instagram daily? But did you also know that there are 3.5 billion searches on Goole each day? 3.5 billion searches! Each day.

You know what search engines value? Highly informative and accurate information that people are genuinely curious about on websites (or blogs).

Of course, blogging in 2024 will not be as easy as just setting up and writing a couple of posts. But it also doesn’t have to be impossible, especially with the benefits you’ll get out of doing it.

If you’re interested in starting, stay tuned for more tips!

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