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How to Be Free From a Creative Rut

How to Be Free From a Creative Rut

Easy, actionable tips on how to get unstuck from a creative rut

As someone who works in the digital publishing industry a.k.a. the very competitive world of content creation, I’m expected to always have 1) bright ideas and 2) the energy to execute them. 

But as you all know, the brain isn’t really always on, no matter how much you need it to be. And that’s when a creative rut presents itself. 

Sometimes it feels like your brain just wants to laze around and enjoy chilling on the couch much like you would. But things must be done. So you just have to find a way to remove yourself from the rut you’re in.

Okay, fine, yeah. But how do you do it? Here are some ways I know that really help get one unstuck from a creative rut.


One way to get out of your rut is to get out of your head. The easiest way to do it is step out of your house. Walk around. Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven to free your mind from clutter?

If that doesn’t quite cut it, change your scenery. As in, go out and go somewhere else. Whether it’s a cafe you’ve never tried before or nowhere in particular. The goal is to remove yourself from where the rut is.


You can also try talking to somebody… anybody. Hearing someone else’s thoughts and ideas gives you the opportunity to leave your own head. But make sure to really listen! Who knows? An idea might spark from your conversation.

Look for inspiration

While it doesn’t always work, you can also escape your rut by looking for inspiration online. But if you’re scared that it will get you even more stuck, try escaping in a different world through words. Yes, friends, there’s nothing quite like jogging your mind than reading a book.

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Just do it

If all those fail, there’s nothing left to do than… DO. 

Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and try. One thing that’s always helped me when I feel like I don’t have anything to write about or I can’t write is just plain ol’ writing. Even if it’s bad at first. Even if I deplore the words I use. I can just edit later.

I’ve found that the best way to get out of a creative rut is to just create. Make, write, do till you’re no longer stuck. Trust me, it works. This is a prime example of it!