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Here’s Why You Need a Scary Hour in Your Routine

Here’s Why You Need a Scary Hour in Your Routine

what's a scary hour

Boo! Here’s a new addition to your routine that may help you.

What’s scary hour? 

Raise your hand if you’ve been putting off doing something important because it gives you anxiety — sorting out your credit card bill or working on your fitness. Ah, I feel you. But we’re not doomed. We apparently just need a scary hour. It’s an hour (or more) dedicated to doing things that, well, scare you. It’s the time for procrastinators to stop dilly-dallying and start doing!

Why scary hour works

Like the Pomodoro technique, the scary hour works because it doesn’t allow you to give excuses and put things off. You’ll be forced to take accountability and get on your task. We tend to avoid things when we’re stressed, but when we decide to do something at a dedicated time, we’re more than likely to accomplish them. Our brains help us do so!

How to do it

Pick an hour out of your day. Any time works! But some people say getting work done in the morning helps them prepare better for the day ahead. Still, do what works best for you! Just make sure you pick one that you can carve a routine for — the key, as with anything that helps you improve mentally, physically and emotionally is consistency.

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