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The Thing About Money

The Thing About Money

It’s not something we’re comfortable talking about. At least, I know it’s not something I’m comfortable talking about. Well, not really. I’m starting to try to be more at ease about the subject. It’s admittedly tough to not only have conversations about but also to navigate. There are things I wish I discovered when I was younger, although there are still a myriad of principles and concepts I have yet to understand. We all start somewhere, though. And I’d like to say this is where I’ll begin. I’ve vowed for this year to be the one I set mindfulness as my guidepost. Part of that goal is to keep my finances in check and take the first step towards financial freedom (or stability — I haven’t quite thought of which word’s more apt for the state I want to be in but that’s the goal).

There are still areas I’m quite unsure of, but here’s what I plan to accomplish (or at least try to make a habit) this year.

  • Save more than I spend. Granted, I don’t really spend money on things that are not part of our “need” list. My only vice is makeup and skincare, but I haven’t really been into them as much as I used to. Although I plan on changing that this year (that, as in I want to be more involved in beauty again), I’ll limit myself to buying things that actually excite me. And I’ll try my best to buy them using the money I get from a side income.
    • I decided on doing this last year, but I’ll implement it this year: I’ll wear only thrifted clothes. After seeing how much waste the fashion industry makes and how badly it affects the environment, I’ve decided to help in my own little way by only wearing thrifted clothing. They’re definitely not as expensive as brand new clothes, and I’m helping the environment. It’s a win-win situation. (I hope you consider doing it, too! So there’ll be more of us and change may actually happen.) When I’m able, I’ll also purchase sustainable clothing.
  • Create a new income stream. Right now I have a day job, a side job managing the Facebook page of a local business, a writing job for a wedding website (although the projects are erratic), and an online business (which is still quite young).  I’d add this blog to the list, but the last time I earned anything from this was in 2016. It might seem like a lot already, but with the goals I have set for myself, I honestly think I need to replace one of them and find something that pays more and is more sustainable.

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  • Invest more  — not just in things but also in myself. I mean, more skills and learnings mean more things I can do (and offer in a job). I really hope to take a class this year. (It sounds corny but I really want to take one of the classes from Masterclass.)
  • Learn more about finance. I’ve never bought a book that has to do with money-making or saving or investments before, but I might just do that this year. I’m a bit on the fence because there are some finance blogs I quite enjoy reading and learning from. I have Frugal Honey, The Financial Diet and Sugar Mamma on my blogroll. Only one of those blogs is written by a Filipino though, so if you know of others I can add to my list, feel free to suggest.
I feel like I’ve already divulged a lot, but it also feels like this post is quite vague. But I hope this has, at least, inspired you to be more comfortable thinking and talking about money. I’m more than open to hearing your thoughts on saving and investing.