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Thrifty Cleaning Hacks You Should Know (And Try)

Thrifty Cleaning Hacks You Should Know (And Try)

Cleaning has evolved from a necessity to a meditative practice to a matter I’d like to master or at least be really good at. My Google searches now include “how to remove hard water stains,” “how to remove rust stains from ceramic tiles” and more.

While I’ve gleaned good information from blogs, what has really helped me up my cleaning game are TikTok influencers (CleanTok influencers?). I’ve learned so much from them and the tips are really fascinating. Here are just a few thrifty cleaning hacks I’ve tried — which I think you should too.

Dishwashing liquid is a powerhouse product

I will never look at dishwashing liquid the same way ever again. Did you know you can practically clean your entire house with just dishwashing liquid? I didn’t until I found a housekeeper share that nugget (and a lot more cleaning hacks) on TikTok.

You can use dishwashing liquid to clean most surfaces that can be wet. I’ve stopped using bleach for the bathroom, except the toilet bowl, and have just been cleaning and scrubbing away with dishwashing liquid. It’s effective and doesn’t cost as much as bleach — truly a cleaning hack everyone must know.

These thrifty cleaning hacks are a must-know.

Vinegar is a must-have

Vinegar, I’ve come to learn, is great for glass and ceramic surfaces. It polishes well! This makes it great not just for windows but also for mopping floors. You can use a solution made with vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and water to mop your floors instead of buying a floor cleaner.

It’s also a good disinfectant and fabric softener. So I’ve been using it instead of fabric conditioner. The clothes don’t smell as fragrant but they do smell clean, which is really what I prefer.

I saw someone saying it’s great for removing odors from clothes before washing them too. Just pour some over the clothes, let them soak for a bit, scrub with dishwashing liquid (see? dishwashing liquid truly is the GOAT), then put them in the laundry and wash as usual. Definitely one of my favorite cleaning hacks!

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These cleaning hacks are a godsend.

Hot mopping is the way to go

Mopping is great, but have you tried mopping with hot water? Game-changing cleaning hack. It’s easier to remove oil splatters from cooking when you hot mop. I reckon the same effect can be achieved if you use a steam mop, but I don’t have one. And boiling hot water is definitely cheaper than purchasing a new tool.

It’s a no-brainer to do, too. Just boil water, pour and add your cleaner of choice. I use the floor cleaner my husband bought a couple of months ago but once that’s empty, I’ll move on to using a bit of dishwashing liquid and bleach. I try to hot mop once a week just to deep clean the floors and I love the result — never not doing it again.

What cleaning hack has become a go-to for you?