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How to Make an Actionable Vision Board

How to Make an Actionable Vision Board

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A vision board? In this economy? Well, there’s really no way of telling whether 2023 will be better than this year. But I’ve decided I won’t just sit down and let things happen. Things seem to be quite bleak so I’m countering it with a plan — as in a plan for the next year with the help of a vision board.

What’s a vision board?

Vision boards skyrocketed to popularity because of the book The Secret. I remember seeing a promotion for the book on TV in high school and they basically just said that you just need to manifest things in order to get them.

Technically, that really is the gist of what a vision board is. It’s basically visualizing your goals and dreams.

How to make a not-so-ordinary vision board

But you don’t really believe that you can just manifest things, right? I know I don’t. I still think vision boards are helpful though. They remind you of what you’re working towards, but, of course, the actual manifestation happens when you actually put in the work. So here’s how I plan on making a not-so-ordinary vision board.

vision board

Pick a theme

Choosing a word that describes what you want the year to be like for you can help. This helps guide you and remind you of your goals.

Make a list of the things you want to accomplish

It’s always a good idea to start off with a list. One thing you have to make sure, though, is that you’re specific about what you want to “manifest.”

It’s obvs a joke but, really, you have to be specific — I’ll share more about why in the next part.

Visualize the things on your list

Cut or print out pictures, draw — do whatever you’re most comfortable with, just make sure that you make a visual representation of your goals.

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Make an action plan

Positive thinking won’t work if you don’t do positive actions. You can’t just will your success. No matter how much energy you think you’re putting out in the universe by thinking of your desired future, it won’t happen unless you work for it. Make a list of the steps you need to take in order to get to your goals — and visualize yourself doing the work.

(Two groups of students were asked five to seven days before an exam to visualize themselves 1) getting high grades or 2) having good study habits. Guess which group actually got high grades.)

The steps to take towards your goal don’t have to be big either. You can try the no-zero days concept!

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  • This year has been a battle with myself. My 2021 would most likely be focused on improving my mental health and I don’t have an idea how to go about it yet. I might spend the days bet christmas and new year to give it some thought.

    • 2020 was incredibly challenging for me but I also realized a LOT of stuff that I want/don’t want. I’m hoping to be really steadfast with the changes I want to make. Rooting for you on your goal!! I think, we should all be easier on ourselves next year and just try.

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