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What Is GCash Forest (GForest)?

What Is GCash Forest (GForest)?

What is GCash Forest?

If you have a GCash account, you probably wonder what GForest (or GCash Forest) is — that is if you don’t already use the feature. But what does it actually mean for you as a user or consumer? Let’s discover it together here.

What is GCash Forest?

GForest is a feature within GCash that allows you to convert your digital activities on the digital wallet app — paying bills, sending money, and even tracking your steps — into points or green energy. These points can then be accumulated and used to get trees for planting. The main idea of the feature is to help you avoid transactions that would require the use of physical resources such as paper for bills or commuting to an establishment for payment.

Everything you need to know about GCash forest.

Is GCash Forest real?

This is a broad question to answer, but if we’re talking about the feature being available and ready to use, then yes. If the question is asking if GForest is real in terms of what it promises, let’s talk more about it below.

Does GCash really plant trees?

I’ve been using the feature for as long as I’ve had the GCash app on my phone, which is around a year now. (Yes, I’m a bit late to the party! But I’m making sure I use all of the best features such as this one and GInvest. If you want to know more about the latter? Check out my review here.)

Does it work? I have been able to ‘buy’ two trees so far using the feature and I’ve received two certificates saying they promise to plant trees under my name. As of writing, the certificates still say they promise to plant but no action other than that has been made.

The types of trees you can help plant using GForest.

So do they really plant trees? In 2019, the World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines (WWF) shared that it has planted a total of 4,200 trees in partnership with GCash. In 2020, the WWF said that it has completed the reforestation of 75 hectares of the Ipo Watershed in Bulacan.

What is GCash forest?

GCash also reportedly started a partnership with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. in 2021 to help plant trees in the Visayas.

GForest certificate of pledge to plant trees under your name

I think the certificates help in assuring people that they are committing to plant trees through the consumers’ help but it would also be great if they have a page where people can track how many trees or seedlings have been planted so far. It would be nice to see how much we’ve collectively done to help out and how much more we need to do so people are more encouraged to use the feature.

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How do you grow GCash Forest?

How can you get green energy on GCash?

You can grow your points in GCash Forest essentially by using the app a lot. Here are just some of the things that earn you points to use for planting in your forest:

  • Send money
  • Pay bills
  • Buy load
  • Make a bank transfer
  • Cash-in online
  • Save money
  • Invest money
  • Book movies
  • Walk

You have the option to sync your GCash to a fitness app you’re using so it can also track your steps. (I do most of the things on the list except for the last one just because of privacy reasons! If you don’t have qualms about this, go right ahead and use it because it’s the one that gives the most number of green energy —20,000 steps is equivalent to 276 points.)

How do you use GForest?

Use the GCash app as you normally would but check the GForest every day to see how much green energy you’ve made. The energy stays on for 48 hours, so make sure you catch them ASAP!