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What Makes You Feel Free?

What Makes You Feel Free?

what makes you feel free?

While I don’t have the energy to think about politics anymore, the celebration of our country’s independence yesterday did make me think about freedom. What’s freedom like to you? Do you feel free?

Right now, for me, the meaning of freedom is time. If I have time to do exactly what I want when I want to do it, I feel free. Of course, having time to not do anything at all without dreading or worrying about the next step is freedom too.

For others it might be the feeling of the wind that brushes through their face while riding a bike. Or it could be a day of naps and binge-watching TV.

I asked the question on Instagram and one of our readers answered: ‘Doing the opposite of people’s expectations about me, it’s one of the things that make me free.’

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How about you? What makes you feel free?