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My Three-question Personal Test for Knowing What to Post Online

My Three-question Personal Test for Knowing What to Post Online

Here's my 2021 content-making resolution.

One thing I observed while seeing posts on social media sites (a.k.a. scrolling needlessly from time to time) is that people have developed a propensity for sharing any and every facet of their lives and thoughts. I know I had in the past.

I also know that it can also boil down to who you follow and what type of content you consume. There is worthwhile content on the internet — not just selfies or bewbs or new luxury purchases. There are also helpful, insightful, and truly entertaining articles, photos, videos, and more.

I’m not about to police anyone on what they want or should share but I’m here as someone who is fine-tuning how and what she offers — yes, I’m still working on my take. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

My personal three-way test for knowing what to post online.

My Three-question Personal Test for Knowing What to Post Online

Is it something I should just tell my husband and friends/family about?

My husband has no choice but to listen to anything and everything I want to share. That’s one of the cons he has to live with, and he does sometimes already complain. (Sorry, babe!) But I think knowing whether something can easily be shared with my husband — or friends — instead of being broadcast to the internet is a good benchmark. I have been guilty of ranting but now I’ve decided that if I can just write it in my journal or harass my husband about it, the world doesn’t need to know about that thought or content.

Can I just research on it?

There’s nothing wrong about crowd-sourcing, of course! But if the question I have or the idea can easily be verified by googling, I will definitely just look it up. Talking to people is nice and hearing other people’s opinions is good too but if it doesn’t necessarily need a person’s point of view, I’ll just research on it on my own.

Is it helpful?

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I don’t think I’m gonna be able to solve a lot of people’s problems or be a hero in any way by carefully considering what I share online but I’m determined to make all the things I do share helpful in some way. Can I rant and be helpful? Yes, if it helps open up the eyes of other people. Can I write negatively about a product? Heck, yes, if it means it will help others better decide on what to purchase. What I’m meaning to say is I won’t live in a bubble of toxic positivity. I will continue to call out people and entities when necessary, write negative reviews if need be — as long as they are helpful and not just for the sake of unloading (I have my journal for that).

In 2021, I hope we talk more about things that matter.

Along the same vein, I hope that in choosing to be more conscious about what I share, the things I do talk about help open up more avenues for “taboos” to be discussed. Let’s share our thoughts and knowledge about mental health and mental illnesses, wanting to earn money, embracing young moms instead of belittling them, and more.

In 2021 (and beyond), I will not keep quiet but I will be more mindful of how much of myself and what parts I share. What’s your content-related resolution this year?