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3 Series That Have Reignited My Interest in the Small Screen

3 Series That Have Reignited My Interest in the Small Screen

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I used to be a couch potato but now I’m just chronically online. While neither of those are good for my mental and physical health, I’ve realized that watching good-quality series instead of doom scrolling on my phone is a better use of my time. So I lessened my time on Twitter and Tiktok and finally got glued to the small screen. These three series definitely helped reignite my interest in TV (well, er, streamable series)!

Abbott Elementary

Quinta was one of my favorite Buzzfeed peeps. (Remember how we all had this Buzzfeed phase?!) So to see her transitioning to TV and doing a great job is a parasocial relationship I didn’t anticipate to have but here it is.

While the plot of Abbott Elementary centers around teachers in a public school in Philadelphia, it’s still surprisingly relatable in various ways. There’s the dilemma of starting anew after a big life decision. There’s also the struggle of trying to keep afloat despite not having the financial means to do so. And, on top of it all, it’s just really funny and fun!

You can stream it here.

Drag Den

So I really just watched this one because I saw Drag Race Philippines and liked it. But this one turned out to be just as fun! A bit more candid (and vulgar?) but definitely more Pinoy masa despite Manila Luzon hosting it.

The recently released drag reality shows featuring Filipinos just remind me of how creative and talented so many of us are. So many wonderful performers will never have a chance to go mainstream and it makes me sad for a bit but also inspires me to keep trying to put a spotlight on them when I can.

Stream it here.

Dirty Linen

Ah, who would’ve thought I’d go back to watching a Pinoy teleserye? I honestly don’t remember the last one I religiously tuned into — it may have been Majika or Encantadia. I also didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon at first because I don’t believe in anything that’s hyped. But this one’s definitely worth tuning into.

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So many aspects of this show are leveled up from the usual teleserye, but it’s still distinctly Filipino which I think makes it even more effective and charming. I love the storyline so far and the performances of the actors!

You can stream it here.

How about you? What shows have you been watching recently?