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Amand Coffee Bar Is a Haven for Coffee and Relaxation Lovers

Amand Coffee Bar Is a Haven for Coffee and Relaxation Lovers

amand coffee bar

What’s the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee? Having it in a location that inspires relaxation. Amand Coffee Bar in Angeles City, Pampanga promises to give you just that experience.

amand coffee bar aesthetic

We’ve seen an uptick in coffee houses since the pandemic started and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While this is a good opportunity for coffee lovers like us, it can be a challenge for coffeehouse owners. How do you stand out with so many competitors around (literally and figuratively)?

inside amand coffee bar

Amand Coffee Bar tries to set itself apart not just through its location’s aesthetics but more so with its offerings. (As it should, really. We all know of a cafe or two who looks incredible in pictures but whose coffee and meals are not as satisfying as the places’ aesthetics.)

Amand prides itself on serving things fresh. But what exactly can you get here?

Amand Pampanga Menu

Amand offers a variety of dishes and coffee-based drinks, of course.

If you’re feeling just slightly peckish, you can opt for one of their antipasti — there’s the Bagel and Amand Cheese, Caesar Salad, French Club Salad, fries and more. The prices range from P160 to P460.

Hankering for pizza and pasta? They have those too. For pizza, there’s Margherita, Gorgonzola, Truffle, Pepperoni, and Speck & Fig. For pasta, the choices are Marinara, Putanesca and Truffle. Pizzas go from P460 to P580, while pastas go from P340 to P460.

amand coffee bar menu

They have rice bowls too! You have the option to choose between Oriental Prawn and Slow-Roasted Beef. (Both are around ~P550.) They now have Adobo too.

Pastries are abundant at Amand Coffee Bar too. And the variety is good — from chocolate crinkle to baklava. The prices range from P96 to 420.

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one of the drink selections at amand coffee bar

There’s coffee, of course. They have lattes, cappuccinos and even affogato. But if you’re heading there for the first time, the Amand Signature is definitely the one to try. The prices for a cup of coffee ranges from P108 for an Americano to P312 for a Dark Mocha Frappe.

Amand Coffee Bar location

Ready to taste these offerings while lounging at the cafe’s resort-like location? Well, it has that vibe for a reason. The cafe *was* a resort, though they have new owners now. The new owners reportedly still wanted to pay homage to the old owners so they used part of the old owner’s name. (The resort was called Amando’s.)

Address: Amand Coffee Bar is located at Miracle Avenue, Villa Dolores Subd., Angeles City, Pampanga.
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