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Where Else To Catch the ‘Backstreet Rookie’ Cast

Where Else To Catch the ‘Backstreet Rookie’ Cast

Here's where to catch the Backstreet Rookie cast.

Despite being released in 2020, Backstreet Rookie remains a favorite among K-drama fans. That’s thanks in part to its slice-of-life story. The other (perhaps bigger part?) is its cast.

Here's where to catch the Backstreet Rookie cast.
Here’s where you can catch some of Backstreet Rookie cast members.

To say that the actors were able to bring their characters to life in a believable and endearing way would be putting it lightly (even despite the objections and criticism on some of its scenes — truly, that’s out of the actors’ hands!).

If you’re missing Choi Dae-hyun, Jung Saet-byul and the rest of the crew, you can, of course, watch re-runs of the series. Or better yet, support the actors in their other projects. Here’s where else you can find some of the Backstreet Rookie cast.

Kim Yoo-jung

The 22-year-old actress is on a roll! After the success of her most recent series, she’s back as the main lead. This time, Yoo Jung top bills the recently launched Lovers of the Red Sky. It’s an ongoing fantasy historical drama that tells the story of the only female painter in the Dan era.

Yoo-jung’s character here is a deviation from the four-dimensional character she previously portrayed, but the actress delivers.

Ji Chang-wook

The actor played the role of a former public relations director of a chain of convenience stores that later on became a manager of one. His upcoming role in The Sound of Magic though will be rather different; he’s set to play a mysterious magician who performs shows for those who tell him they believe in magic. You’re gonna wait some time to see him back on screen for this particular project because there’s no release date set for it yet. But it will be available on Netflix.

Ahn Sol-bin

This multihyphenated star that’s part of the is busy, to say the least. Just this year, she’s already been part of two series: Oh! Master and Idol: The Coop. The latter is still in the works, but you can already catch the first — you have to make sure you’re quick though because Sol-bin will only make a special appearance on the show.

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Do Sang-woo

The actor’s character was pegged to be the next in line in his family’s company. In real life, the actor’s is also to watch out for. He’s set to star alongside Ahn Eun-Jin and Kim Kyung-Nam in the upcoming series titled Only One Person.

Han Sunhwa

While we’re waiting for a lead role for the actress, we won’t be disappointed by the actress’s performance in the 2021 series Undercover. Sunhwa plays the role of the young Choi Yeon Soo, a human rights lawyer whose romance will be entangle with government secrets and more.

Which of these shows from the Backstreet Rookie will you watch next?