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Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen: Fresh And Filling

Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen: Fresh And Filling

Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen is a restaurant in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

Ever since I’ve started intuitive eating, I’ve found myself craving for vegetables a lot. That craving hit me while we were in Nuvali one weekend, so we finally gave Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen a try. (Vietnamese people are practically obsessed with vegetables, which I find to be really cool!) My husband and I have always been curious about it and we’re glad we finally scratched the itch to try it.

Where is Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen?

Aside from the one we visited, there are also branches of the restaurant in White Plains, Quezon City; Silang, Cavite; and Uptown Parade, Taguig. If you’re visiting the one in Nuvali, it’s pretty easy to spot if you’re entering from the side of Robinson’s Supermarket. It’s the first restaurant on the right side, right across Coffee Bean.

The interior of Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

What they offer

We went there around 5 in the afternoon, so we had merienda slash early dinner. After finalizing what we wanted, we learned that they actually had a merienda promo (from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., if I remember correctly) where you get two dishes for roughly Php295. So we went for that!

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Goi Cuon and Butom

I ordered the Goi Cuon and Butom combo for my daughter because she likes noodles but we actually ended up switching orders because she’s not ready for the amount of vegetables — I know, we’re working on it! In the bowl are vermicelli noodles, beef strips, cucumber, carrots and lettuce. There’s a tangy, refreshing sauce on the side that you mix in with the noodles. It tastes like a refreshment on a hot summer day. The fresh spring rolls were nice, too, with the peanut butter dip.

Pho snd Cha Gio

If there’s one dish Vietnamese cuisine is known for, it’s pho. So, of course, we had to try Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen’s take on it. Despite it being a hot dish, it still felt refreshing. The soup tasted great. On the side was the Cha Gio. Think lumpiang shanghai but leveled up. Next to the cold noodles, this was my favorite among the bunch we ordered.

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Ban Mhi and Ca Phe Sua Da

I’ve been dying to try Ban Mhi for the longest time. (I love sandwiches!) I’m glad my first one was a good experience. So I’m definitely looking forward to having more. It goes perfectly well with the Ca Phe Sua Da.

The Experience

Our afternoon at Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen was truly a treat. We’re looking forward to going back and trying out more dishes. If you haven’t been to any of their branches, I suggest you pay one a visit soon. Aside from the fresh and filling selections, the servings are quite big, too.