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Quick Summer Escape: Bernabeach Resort in Nasugbu

Quick Summer Escape: Bernabeach Resort in Nasugbu

Summer’s only fun when you’re at the beach. And I believe in that wholeheartedly. The heat’s been horrid. If only we could spend all the weekends of our lives feeling the sand in our toes, embracing the crash of waves, swimming on lovely beaches.

We did have a mini-getaway last weekend at Bernabeach Resort. It was a double celebration: for our anniversary and for my sister’s birthday.

Nasugbu is one of the more popular beach destinations for Metro Manila dwellers because it’s only a 2-hour drive away from the chaos of the city. It’s a coastal town in the western district of the province of Batangas, with long stretches of black and cream-colored sand beaches.

What Bernabeach Resort offers

For our impromptu celebration, we chose Bernabeach Resort in Brgy. Bucana. It’s a kilometer away from the highway and can easily be reached via a tricycle ride (for ten pesos per person). There’s a guard by the entrance who will direct you to the resort’s office, which is only a few steps away. You may stay for the day and pay PHP200 for the entrance fee and PHP500 for an open kubo. But it’s the beach, so of course, we opted to stay overnight.

Bernabeach Resort has air-conditioned accommodations ranging from something typical, as in a standard set-up with a bed and TV, to a traditional bahay kubo made of sawali and bamboo (plus the coolness of air conditioning). They also have the non-air-conditioned kubo variety, which we availed of (for PHP1500) because all the rooms had already been booked prior to our reservation.

We checked in at around 10 in the morning and had time to soak up some morning sun and swim. The sand in this part of Nasugbu is brownish, if not black, and the water when we got there was a bit murky. But we still enjoyed it.

We had food with us because father (yes, I really call him that in real life) woke up early to grill and cook some meat and seafood. There’s a corkage fee of PHP100 per head if you bring in food.

Bernabeach Resort swimming pool

After pigging out, we took advantage of the pool and swam to our hearts’ content.

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Food at Bernabeach Resort

At around 5PM, my parents and sister took our daughter with them to our house in Balayan and the husband and I stayed for the night. We finally got around to taking photos of just us two, after which we swam in the pool, watched the sun set and had dinner at the resort’s restaurant.

Bernabeach Resort at sunset

The price range of food in the resort is from PHP150 – PHP450. They serve mostly Filipino food and we were very happy with the experience. If you get a chance to stay at Bernabeach Resort and don’t have food with you, I highly suggest you try the boneless chicken barbecue. The taste is totally worth the price. We checked out the next day at 12PM, even if we checked in early the day before. The trip was quick but enjoyable. We’ll definitely go back.

This post was written a few years ago, so the rates may have changed.