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Bertie’s Artisan Bakeshop: A Quiet Little Spot With Great Offerings

Bertie’s Artisan Bakeshop: A Quiet Little Spot With Great Offerings

bertie's artisanal bakeshop facade

“What’s the name of cafe we keep on saying we’ll visit again but never do?” our daughter asked me last week. I searched my brain for answers and landed on Bertie’s Artisan Bakeshop. My guess was correct.

So we finally went back a couple of Saturdays ago, after almost a year. We enjoyed the pastries and cups of coffee we had the last time we’d been there, so we were curious if things stayed the same.

bertie's al fresco area

Bertie’s Artisan Bakeshop menu

While Bertie’s is primarily a bakeshop, they also offer rice meals, pasta and other hot meals. We’ve never tried them though, so we’re not the best to comment on them. There were two families who ordered meals when we visited, so that could be a good indication that the place is frequented not just for the sweets. They cook the meals as ordered, so everything’s fresh. We learned that their pasta’s handmade and fresh too.

bertie's pastries and drinks

Bertie’s Artisan Bakeshop review

We came right after having lunch, so we were hankering for sugary treats and some coffee. We ordered a cafe latte, a strawberry-infused black iced tea and milk chocolate (made with Malagos chocolate) for drinks. For treats, we got their Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake with Yema. (I told my husband that it tasted a bit of calamansi, and true enough, the yema has calamansi zest.)

bertie's ny style cookie

We also got their NY style chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. It’s made of Malagos chocolates, which are pleasantly sweet — not cloying at all. The texture’s crossing brownie territory because of how thick it is. The walnuts also provided a nice crunchy texture.

The drinks were topnotch too! We had their iced cafe latte, iced strawberry black tea and iced choco.

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The place doesn’t get too packed, which is great if you’re looking for some quiet. But it could’ve just been because we were there at an odd hour (right after lunch). Parking is a bit limited though — only two spots — and we don’t really encourage (and are actually annoyed by lol) those who resort to street parking. They also have sockets, which can be handy if you want to work there, but they do charge for using them.

If you’d like to go for a quick but great sweet treat though, it’s a wonderful spot.

Bertie's Artisan Bakeshop
Milagrosa-Bucal Bypass Road, La Mesa, Calamba City, Laguna
+63 927 201 6395
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