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Here’s Where to Get Cloud Couch Dupes in the Philippines

Here’s Where to Get Cloud Couch Dupes in the Philippines

Here's where you can get the coveted cloud couch in the Phililppines.

The need for social distancing and staying home has awakened the inner interior decorators in all of us. We’ve grown to understand the connection between our environment and our mental health, so we’re all on an organizing and decorating spree. And I’m sure you’ve already seen the Cloud Couch that everyone wants to get their hands on. (In case you were wondering, it’s Kylie Jenner who made it popular.)

Here's how to get the cloud couch look for less in the Philippines.
Photo by @houseofnavy

The bad news is the set is made by Restoration Hardware and it’s based in the U.S. Having the pieces shipped here will be incredibly expensive.

Now, the good news is the style isn’t actually that hard to replicate or find dupes for. So, of course, that’s what I tried to do — the latter at least.

What is the cloud couch?

The sofa got its name from its white color. But perhaps the name also suggests that you’ll feel like sitting on clouds when you lounge in this oversized couch. It also has a cozy U-shape that’s quite inviting for rest.

How much is the cloud couch?

In a nutshell: really expensive. The 6-feet long sofa retails for USD4,000. Add in a sectional to that and you’re probably going to pay more than USD10,000.

Cloud couch in the Philippines

If you’re interested to know where you can find the cloud couch in the Philippines, here are pretty similar items.

Mandaue Foam Primo Sofa

Mandaue Foam Primo Sofa

Okay, so this doesn’t really have the stark white color the original cloud couch has, but the style is incredibly similar. It has lots of variants too, which is great if you’re looking for something smaller or bigger to fit your space best. (The one pictured is the three-seater!)

Barker Sofa Bed

Furniture Source Barker Sofa Bed

Now, this one’s white. It’s also padded everywhere. It may be a bit smaller than the original RH sofa, but this one might actually be even better space-wise — it’s a sofa bed! This would be great if you live in a condo or any place where you need to maximize the space.

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Mahogany Sectional & L-Shaped Sofa

The Woodpecker Manila Mahogany Sectional Sofa

So this one’s price is really not too far from the original cloud couch, but one can argue that this is even better. It has the look but it also has a solid mahogany base. If you have the money for it and can afford the upkeep, then this might be a good investment. It comes with the coffee table too!

IKEA Harlanda Sectional

IKEA Harlanda Sofa

This one’s not available yet but perhaps it’s something to look forward to when IKEA opens late this year. (Find out details about its opening — plus, sofa bed options.) It’s the perfect dupe for the Restoration Hardware original and it has storage under the seats too.

Cover image by @alexandmike