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These Cute Tea Infusers Will Liven Up Your Mornings

These Cute Tea Infusers Will Liven Up Your Mornings

You must have these cute tea infusers in your collection.

After years of trying to deal with the bad effects of coffee (people who palpitate easily or have anxiety would know), we’re now tea drinkers. While we’re still exploring — we’ve just finished the box my father gave us last week and have only started a new pack and brand today! — I think it’s safe to say that we’re ready to take our newfound interest to the next level. Aside from learning about different kinds of teas and who best offers them, I’ve been thinking about how to enjoy it in a more sustainable manner. Loose leaf seems like a good idea! So I researched about it, and, naturally, I fell down the rabbit hole of cute tea infusers. Here are some of the really nice ones I’m considering to get.

5 Cute Tea Infusers That Will Make You A Tea Convert

One of the cute tea infusers I've spotted is this polar bear fishing some tea.

How cute is this polar bear tea infuser? It’s fishing! But instead of fish, it got tea, which is just as good IMO.

A musical note tea infuser is perfect for our musical family.
Get it here.

Of course, this is on my list because it’s music-related. This would look especially cute with a clear mug!

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This Beatles-inspired infuser is my jam!
Get it here.

We all drink tea from a yellow submarine. (Get it?) Ha! How clever is this infuser.

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Underwater creatures submerged in hot water? Ha. How cute.

Our daughter’s quite fascinated with underwater creatures but not ordinary fishes — think Meg! — so this Loch Ness Monster tea infuser is perfect for her.

Little kitties on anything, including tea infusers, is always a winner.

To round up this list of cute tea infusers, I give you little cats that caught fish er tea. I wonder if they have these in different colors so we can get one inspired by each of our three cats.