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Dalgona Coffee and Other Instagram Food Trends

Dalgona Coffee and Other Instagram Food Trends

Food trends you can try making at home.

A quick scroll on our Instagram feeds will reveal quite a few photos of food. I’m sure it’s been the case in the past, but the types of food posts we get to see lately are more of those that are not gourmet or served in restaurants — they’re proudly homemade. If, like me, you’ve been busy in the kitchen, you’re curious to know what else you can prepare. Well, here are some Instagram food trends you can easily whip up at home!

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is one of the many Instagram food trends you need to try right now.

Ah, the inescapable whipped coffee. You’ve definitely seen this — or may have even tried to make one at home. I don’t blame you! Aside from being quite photogenic, the ingredients can easily be found in your pantry. This popular coffee can be made with just two tablespoons of instant coffee — make sure it’s not the ground variety! — two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of hot water. Whip it with your hand mixer or whisk… or even a fork if you don’t have either. Make sure you don’t make it too airy, though, so you can mix it pretty easily with the milk you’ll top it on.

Souffle Pancakes

We’re already having airy, fluffy coffee, why not have extra fluffy pancakes too? This Japanese take on the classic breakfast treat is just what you need for a light and sweet start to your day. Try making it with this recipe.

Fresh Breads

Sourdough bread might not be the easiest to make but it sure is one of the most Instagrammable.

If you have an oven that’s been gathering dust for months, this is the moment to clean it up and put it to good use. Awaken your inner Kazuma Azuma and start baking. There are tons of breads to choose from, but sourdough seems to be a popular choice. Piqued? Try this recipe.

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Alison Roman’s Shallot Pasta

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Which one of these would you honestly give a try?