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Our Family Road Trip Essentials

Our Family Road Trip Essentials

Going on a family roadtrip is fun! But you have to be prepared.

We love going on road trips and exploring new places. (It’s part of the reason why we decided to homeschool our daughter.) We try to visit my husband’s hometown at the end of the year because of family, of course, but also so we can go on a road trip. It can be tiring, especially for my husband because he’s the only one who drives (I don’t know how to yet!) —but we really enjoy it. You get to sight-see, learn about a new place, and more.

Going on a family roadtrip is fun! But you have to be prepared.

Top tip: don’t drive all the way to your destination but make stops and spend at least a night somewhere you’ve never been.

If you’ve been thinking of driving off with your bunch to a destination that excites you, here are our family road trip essentials to help ensure you have a smooth journey.

Clothes and towels

When packing for a roadtrip, make sure you have clothes and towels ready.

It’s always better to be prepared. Having a fresh set of clothes and towels with you is a must. This is great for when you need to stay somewhere for a night (or two). Most accommodations provide towels, but it’s better to still pack your own just in case you didn’t make a reservation early and the place doesn’t provide them.


Gadgets are a must when on a roadtrip — boredom, bye.

We sometimes still need to work after some hours of driving so bringing our laptops (and their chargers), along with our other electronic stuff with us is a must. Phones are essential, of course, not only for navigating but communicating with family. Make sure you bring an extension cord, too. We’ve all stayed at places where there’s only two outlets in a room and the electronics we need to plug in are way more than that.

Medicine or first aid kit

This is on top of our family road trip essentials. You really don’t know what might happen while you’re on the road. A sudden headache? Diarrhea? Better have meds for those. While we’ve never found the need for a first aid kit, it’s still something to add to your list.

A cooler of drinks and lots of snacks

Sure, you can just by at a store near a gasoline station. But we all know how hiked up the prices of products there are. We’ve learned our lesson, so we bring our own food and drinks now. These also come in handy for when it’s already time to eat but a restaurant is nowhere in sight.

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Some of your favorite things

Bring your favorite things while on the road.

What we use for our hobbies are part of our family road trip essentials. My husband, for one, can’t live without a guitar. Which is why we bring his acoustic one whenever we travel. Each of us also brings the book we’re currently reading or trying to finish. You’re out and about to explore, but there’s only so much you can see and do. Once you’re in your hotel, you’re bound to have nothing else to do.

A camera

Whether you see photography as a hobby or not, bringing a camera is a must. There’s still something special about being able to freeze a special moment through an image. Take as many photos as you can! If you’re like me, make videos, too.

Speaking of which, below’s our latest family road trip from northern Philippines to southern Tagalog.