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If you visit this space frequently, you’d notice that I missed last week’s Beauty Buzz and Style Stories posts.

I’ve been quite successful at keeping personal things away from this blog, save for my thoughts on products, of course, but I’d like to make an exemption to a self-imposed privacy rule in this post.
See, for weeks now I’ve been fidgety about this whole blog thing. I like that I can be creative here, but since this isn’t my source of bread and butter, I can’t really put all my energy into this. As much as I want to devote most of my waking hours testing products, thinking of cool content ideas, taking photos, making videos, and writing on and on and on about fashion and beauty, I can’t. I was, as cliché as it sounds, feeling blue. And that’s why I wasn’t here much last week.

Things are about to change, though, I think.

Last week, I received a package containing a bottle of a water-based drink called B’lue and a book of stories about “living to feel.”

I’ll admit that I was skeptical about what the book wants to achieve because I’m not a fan of the person who wrote the book’s foreword, but flipping through pages of stories written by real people about their passions made me change my mind.

 Reading the book was refreshing because they’re not from people worth millions, who are just as inspiring but somehow intimidating. They’re simple people who have chosen to look at the simple yet meaningful things in life.

 So it’s safe to say that I was inspired by what I read. It also didn’t hurt that I was drinking B’lue while reading the stories. The drink was just as refreshing as the way of life they want people to engage in. Feeling blue connotes sadness in most cases, but this time blue signifies hope and energy. I like it.

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 Thanks to B’lue and the hundreds of stories from inspiring Filipinos for reminding me why this blog exists in the first place. I live to create. I might be in a slump now but there will be exciting beauty and fashion-related things coming your way, I promise. Keep your eyes peeled!

*This post is sponsored by B’lue through Nuffnang Philippines. This piece, along with everything else on this blog, is honest and bulls**t-free.

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