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Getting Quick Healthy Eats At Nosh Box

Getting Quick Healthy Eats At Nosh Box

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Wellness is the most popular topic of conversations and projects these days. Most everyone you know has plans, if not already starting, to get fitter and living healthier. While I can admit that the being surrounded by people who are actively choosing to live a healthier lifestyle and seeing (and sometimes even writing) about diets, exercises, and more, have nudged me a bit into action, my sluggishness and inability to climb up the stairs in our house without gasping for dear life are the greatest reasons why I’m starting to (finally) trying to become more conscious about my choices.

That said, my husband and I have been limiting our carb intake by avoiding rice as much as we can. We’re also trying to eat vegetables as often as we can. On a mission to satisfy our cravings for something healthy that tastes good, we found ourselves at Nosh Box.

What is Nosh Box and what do they offer?

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Nosh Box is a restaurant that serves Asian- and Mediterranean-inspired food. Aside from what’s on their menu, you can also customize your own meals. Basically, they’re a salad bar that also offers rice meals.

Our Nosh Box experience

They’re located right across De La Salle-Lipa, and right beside Zaril (a multi-brand lifestyle store), so they’re not hard to miss. The interior is a combination of rustic, fresh and industrial. The lighting was a bit too dim for my liking, but it’s nothing annoying. The staff were also attentive and nice.


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We ordered the Oppa Bowl, which is Korean-inspired, and the one that’s Mexican-inspired. The bowls can have a rice base, greens and rice or just greens. You can definitely customise yours and ask for something to be replaced with another. In our case, we didn’t build our own bowl, but we did ask to have the rice replaced with greens.

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Our main concern before we even tasted the food was if the mayonnaise-based sauces used cheap mayonnaise that is usually used for some small burger joints (because those don’t taste good). Much to our delight, the sauces were rich in flavour. In fact, I’d say the sauces are what make the food at Nosh Box different from the usual salads. Of course, the freshness of the greens, the meats and the other ingredients also plays a part in the overall taste quality of the meals but their sauces really stand out. 

Overall, we liked our first time eating at Nosh Box, and we’re definitely looking forward to trying out their other offerings.

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