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Housekeeping, House Hunting

Housekeeping, House Hunting

“There’s not much left to do on the weekend when you clean the house thoroughly everyday,” I told my husband a couple of hours ago.

We used to reserve “general cleaning” for weekends. I didn’t have much to clean today because I’ve been disinfecting everyday, doing what little I can do to keep us safe from COVID-19.

It’s almost the second week of “community quarantine” but everything’s still up in the air. No definite directives from our “leader”, only to lock ourselves in our homes and avoid contact with other people as much as we can. I’m trying to stay calm but everything’s just so uncertain.

Our books are already in a box. We were supposed to start packing our other things by now. We had planned to return to Metro Manila by the end of the month. (We haven’t really found a place to move into, though. So I guess this just means we have more time to search.) The Universe is funny (or cruel or both). But I know I have it easy. We’re thinking of houses in the context of where to live next while others live in the streets.

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Tomorrow’s a new work week. It’s back to “normal”— only everything’s actually different. But I hope we all make it through.