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Here’s Why You Should Go For An Intimate Wedding

Here’s Why You Should Go For An Intimate Wedding

Here's why you should consider having an intimate wedding.

Fairy tales would have you believe that the best way to marry the love of your life is in a grand celebration. What’s not being said, however, is how an intimate wedding can be just as beautiful as one that is attended by 500 people. Here are good reasons why you should consider planning an intimate gathering rather than an elaborate one.

1. The dearest people

It’s true that we’re all different types of people. Some thrive in situations where all eyes are on them and enjoy being surrounded by large crowds. But others take comfort in being with just a few folks they know and trust. Having an intimate wedding affords you the enjoyment of experiencing one of your best moments with only the people you hold dear.

You get to share your truest self and profess your affection to your significant other in the presence of people who know your journey together and would totally get why you’re shedding a tear or two. No, you don’t need to invite your neighbor whom you’ve never spoken a word to before. While it isn’t as romantic to compare it to goods, it’s the best way to put it still: Having an intimate wedding gives you the opportunity to have quality rather than mere quantity.

A small wedding means a small budget.

2. Bye, big budget

Since we’re on the subject of quantity, let’s talk about the money you can save by holding a small gathering. Having fewer guests equates to less spending. You might have heard of people spending as much as P3 million on their wedding. It’s their money, of course, and they can do whatever they want with it. But many people just don’t have nearly that much to blow off. It’s impractical to spend a fortune on a wedding and then pay debts incurred because of it during the first few years of married life, isn’t it? Plus, there are ways you can show that you’re committing to someone for the rest of your life other than having extraneous things like a big fireworks display. Love, after all, comes from within. It doesn’t have to be grand to be special. Instead of serving 200 people, most of whom you may not be able to interact with during your celebration, why not trim the number down to 50 or even 20?

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3. It’s personal

Every wedding is personal. But with an intimate wedding, you get to take the personal touch a notch higher. And this applies not only to the details of your ceremony. Sure, you can go all out with the tiny little details of your celebration, but think about how personal it would feel to actually be able to share the occasion with the people you love. Imagine having the opportunity to actually thank and hug each one of your guests for witnessing such a joyous milestone in your life. Think about trading jokes with your best friend during a quiet moment. Picture yourself getting advice from couples in your families that you look up to.

There’s nothing wrong with having a lavish wedding. But admit it, having an intimate wedding is just as charming, isn’t it?