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Masasa Beach: All You Need To Know for Your Trip Here

Masasa Beach: All You Need To Know for Your Trip Here

masasa beach 2023

Thinking of visiting Masasa Beach? That’s a really good idea!

Located in Tingloy, Batangas, this formerly secret beach destination has grown to become one of the more popular getaways for Metro Manila dwellers.

But if you’re unfamiliar yet, Tingloy comprises two main islands — Maricaban and Caban — and a few islets.

masasa beach 2023

Why is Masasa Beach famous?

While its sand isn’t powdery white like Boracay’s (but to be honest, that shouldn’t really matter too much!), its waters are just as clear. The sea bed is sandy, not rocky so it’s perfect for swimming.

It’s become quite popular to tourists because of the many varied activities you can do here.

Masasa Beach activities

Swimming is given, of course. There’s nothing quite like feeling the clear waters on your skin.

It also has a diverse marine life, so snorkeling and diving are great choices for activities here too.

If you’re a fan of trekking, you can have your fill here too by visiting Mag-Asawang Bato, one of the two peaks in Tingloy.

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Island hopping is also something that visitors enjoy while here, thanks to its proximity to other islands such as Isla Sombrero, Caban (where you can find Mapating Beach, Layag Layag Point, and more), and Anilao.

masasa beach waters
Joshmagtunao, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Masasa Beach transient houses, hotels and accommodations

With so many things to enjoy and experience here, there’s no reason to stay just for a day. The not so pleasant news is that you can’t camp overnight near Masasa Beach. But there are transient houses hosted by locals in the area. Some lodging areas also allow you to pitch tents.

Because of its proximity to Anilao, many visitors also opt to just stay overnight in mainland Batangas and take a boat ride back to Masasa Beach when they’re ready to enjoy the activities there again.

How do you get to Masasa

From Manila (by public commute)

  • Take a bus heading to Batangas City. Terminals for such trip can be found in Pasay, Buendia and Cubao.
  • Once you arrive in Batangas City, head to the jeep terminal. Take the one heading to Mabini-Anilao and alight at Talaga Port.
  • Ride a boat to Tingloy. Once you’ve arrived on the island, take a tricycle to Palayan. And then walk to the beach!

From Manila (by private vehicle)

  • Head to Talaga Port. Just pin the location on Google Maps or Waze. You can opt to park your vehicle here.
  • Ride a boat to Tingloy. Take a tricycle to Palayan and head to the beach.

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