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5 Minimalist Bento Cake Shops You Need To Check Out

5 Minimalist Bento Cake Shops You Need To Check Out

minimalist bento cake

Celebrating something? Or just feeling like it? Have a cake! It truly is one of life’s simplest yet most satisfying pleasures. There are lots to choose from too. If you’re into all things simple, a minimalist bento cake may be perfect for you.

What is a bento cake?

A bento cake is basically a mini cake. They’re believed to have originated from 12th century Japan when people would put dried and cooked rice inside wooden boxes for children to carry with them to school. Bento boxes have become quite a staple in Japanese culture and have been adapted by many other countries.

minimalist bento cake

Bento cakes were given the name because the cakes are so small they could fit into lunch boxes. Despite their origin though, these cakes gained popularity in South Korea instead of Japan. You can find them in most cafes and bakeries in the country.

What is bento cake made of?

A bento cake isn’t really too different from any other cake, it’s just smaller than the usual ones offered in bake shops. It’s typically just four inches in diameter.

Where to get a minimalist bento cake

Ready to finally try one? Here’s a list of the best minimalist bento cakes you can get your hands on.

1. aegyo cakes

aegyo cakes
Photo by @aegyocakes

You can definitely tell that the bakery is inspired by South Korean cakes! While they do have a range of cakes that are K-focused, they also have simple, cute cakes for those who are not particularly fans of the culture.

Price:Starts at P450 for a four-inch cake
Flavors:Dark Choco Bonbon, Rainbow Velvet with Cream Cheese, Strawberry Biscoff Cloud

Where to order


2. Wadough’s

wadoughs cake for graduation
Photo by @wadoughs

If you want your cake to also be super fun, Wadough’s is the place to order from. This bakery’s designs are quirky and the dedication messages catchy. The cakes are created by a baker who started doing it as a side-hustle but is now manning a business full-time.

Price:Starts at P550 for a four-inch cake
Flavor:Swirled chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cake base, Davao tablea ganache filling and sweet American buttercream

Where to order

Food delivery app:Foodpanda

3. M & L Bakery

mnl bakery cake
Photo by @mnlbakery

If you want a cake that looks a bit more dainty, M & L Bakery is the one to try. Their designs give off a ‘Korean picnic on a spring afternoon’ vibe.

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Price:Starts at P1,000 for a six-inch cake
Flavor:Butter, Chocolate

Where to order


4. Mae Cakes

mae cakes

What happens when you combine minimalist with just the right amount of color? You get a bento cake from Mae Cakes. The home bakery’s designs are eye-catching and streamlined, just perfect to impress whoever you’re gifting a cake.

Price:Starts at P450
Flavor:Chocolate Milk Cream, Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate

Where to order

Contact number:0917-303-6419 (text only)

5. Baked by Trimy

baked by trimy

Want something that’s minimalist but also intricate? Order from Baked by Trimy. Their cake designs range from uber simple to that-took-hours-to-do. If you’re in QC or Manila, you can check out their cafe in Banawe not just for the cakes but also egg drop sandwiches and more.

Price:Starts at P450 for a four-inch cake
Flavor:Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Caramel, Mocha, Citrus Vanilla, Vanilla

Where to order

Address:779 Banawe St., Quezon City

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