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Nesting Hits

Considering we don’t spend a lot of time at our rented place — we stay mostly at my mom’s cos that’s where our daughter lives… it’s complicated — I’m really into nesting and looking for ways to decorate the place. Maybe it’s my subconscious hoping we’d actually get to spend more time there if it looks ~prettier than it does now. Who am I kidding? But let me indulge in this.

Our rented space has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining area. Among all of these spaces, I’d have to say my favorite is the living area just because it’s the one we actually took a bit more time to ~prettify. We recently bought a chair and a teal vase from a surplus shop, and I think they look really well in the space. We also looked at a couple of paintings last night after having dinner, and my husband and I agreed that we’ll invest in paintings and other art pieces in the near future.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert. I’ve always been a fan of interior design, albeit lacking the skill to translate my mental mood boards and visions into real-life creations, but just like any other millennial, YouTube is my best friend when it comes to this. I love watching room transformations and getting tips here and there. I’m not sure where we’d live in a couple of months from now, but I don’t think my nesting feeling would subside till then.

If you’re feeling like nesting, too, here are some of my favorite videos.

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I love this video (and all the other videos Mr. Kate has made) because it has black in it. And I mean, black is a big part of the design! 
We don’t live in a small space. Well, it’s not big, but it’s not small either. But I love Elle Uy’s tips. And I love how she was able to explain her tips really, really well. 

It’s a renovation video! It has Mila Kunis in it! Yes!

I’m not as good at crafts as I’d like to be but I love getting DIY project ideas.
I love the vibe of this room. I’m sure the upkeep is hard, but I’d really love to decorate our bedroom similar to this.
Do you like interior design, too? Tell me who your favourite bloggers/designers/YouTubers are!