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best clamshell luggage philippines

These Clamshell Luggage Are Great for Your Revenge Travel Plans in the Philippines and Beyond

Ready to make your revenge travel plans a reality this year? You’re gonna need the…

We've been using the iVo water purifier for almost a year now. Here's our review.

Should You Get the IVO Water Purifier?

We’ve been using the IVO Water Purifier for almost a year now, so I already…

reborn rich cast

Can’t Get Enough of the Reborn Rich Cast? Here’s Where To Watch Them Next

Reborn Rich is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest K-dramas of all time. In fact, it’s…

You have to try this DIY Soju and Yakult cocktail recipe.

Easy DIY Cocktail With Soju and Yakult


20th century girl cast

Here’s Where Else To Catch the 20th Century Girl Cast

Still can’t get enough of 20th Century Girl? We’re definitely not gonna take it against…

vineyard batangas

A Vineyard in Batangas? Yes, You Can Find One in Tanauan

Batangas is known for its beaches, but one destination in the province devoid of sandy…

nono's review

Review: Does Nono’s *Really* Do Comfort Food Right?

We’d passed by Nono’s several times in multiple occasions before we finally took a shot…