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The Pantone Colors of 2021 Would Look Great In Your House

The Pantone Colors of 2021 Would Look Great In Your House

Here's how to use Pantone's colors of the year for 2021 in your home life.

I never really (personally) cared much about Pantone’s picks for the color of the year (for work, I need to take note of it, though, because it’s a trend, etc.). This year is different though because they picked two — and they happen to be my favorite colors.

The Pantone Colors of 2021 are Illuminating (a bright yellow) and Ultimate Gray. You can probably tell from the color of this site’s logo that I like bright yellow! Mine is not exactly in Illuminating but it’s pretty close. Meanwhile, gray has been a favorite for more than a decade now. I no longer believe in omens and signs but I think it’s a happy coincidence, and it really makes me become more hopeful for this year.

But enough about me. If you’re curious about how to incorporate the Pantone Colors of 2021 into your home life, here are some easy and fun ways to do so.

Cups and saucers

Start small with cups, mugs and saucers. They’re perfect as a first step because you don’t need to display them all the time — you can though, if you really want to — so you don’t need to think much about how they would go with the rest of your space.

Take the next step with a plant pot.

Plant pot

This one’s great if you became a plant parent in 2020 (like me!). If your space can take the pop of color, go for a plant pot in Illuminating. The color complements greens really well.

Go for art in Illuminating and Ultimate Gray colors.


Another subtle way to incorporate the Pantone colors of 2021 is through art. A print that has a vibrant yellow color can already brighten up any space. If you’re not ready for something loud, find an artwork that has both yellow and gray.

Go big with a couch in Ultimate Grey. Add a pop of color with a throw pillow in Illuminating.

An Ultimate Grey couch and a throw pillow in Illuminating

If you’re ready for the big guns, a neutral-colored sofa with a bright throw pillow is just what you need. But if you’re still a bit on the fence, a sofa cover can do the trick too.

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A bright, bright chair

Now if you really want to jump into it headfirst, then an accent chair in Illuminating is the best way to do it. It won’t only be something that gives your room brightness but also become a conversational piece (for when it’s okay to have guests over again, of course).

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