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What is PUBG UC And How Does It Differ From EXP, RP, And BP?

What is PUBG UC And How Does It Differ From EXP, RP, And BP?

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PUBG stands out as one of the most popular games, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience by topping up PUBG UC for exclusive items. Besides UC, PUBG features several other popular terms, namely EXP, RP, and BP.

However, understanding the distinctions among them is crucial. Then, you can determine the right strategy to win the game. If you are curious about these differences, check out the comprehensive discussion below.

What Is UC on PUBG?

UC stands for Unknown Cash, a virtual currency used in PUBG for purchasing various in-game items. Topping up UC in PUBG Mobile grants you the flexibility to acquire any desired item, including those with rare status.

Moreover, UC enables access to many items and equipment, enhancing your survival capabilities in the game. You can buy UC on a guaranteed security platform, such as Lapak Gaming, and then use it to buy exclusive costumes, weapon skins, etc.

Additionally, UC can be utilized to acquire the Royal Pass Elite, a seasonal event in the PUBG Mobile game. It can also be used for purchasing Premium Chests, participating in Lucky Spin, and obtaining Character Bundles.

And now, topping up UC has become more convenient, and the prices are diverse, accommodating different needs. UC PUBG prices start from ₱43 for 60 UC, offering flexibility to choose a nominal value that suits your gaming requirements.

Difference Between EXP, RP and BP

If you already know the meaning of UC, then the next step is to differentiate it from EXP, RP, and BP. This is crucial as some players might struggle to differentiate between these terms. The following provides a comprehensive explanation of these three terms to facilitate a clearer understanding:

1. EXP

In PUBG, Experience (EX) functions as the game’s leveling system. With each play session and achievement unlocked, you accumulate EXP, progressing to higher levels and improving your in-game status.

EXP is earned through various actions, including defeating enemies, surviving, and securing victories. Your level-up speed depends on your activity level and contributions to the game. Being more engaged and making valuable contributions enhances your EXP gains, expediting your journey to higher levels.

2. RP

Royal Pass, abbreviated as RP, is a feature in PUBG that offers numerous advantages to players. Possessing RP grants you access to exclusive and captivating items that not all players can obtain. Among the items available through the Royal Pass are weapon skins, vehicle skins, parachutes, and more.

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Unfortunately, RP is a seasonal event, emphasizing the importance of not missing out. To participate in RP, you need to purchase it using PUBG UC, ensuring you can enjoy a lot of attractive prizes with each new season.

3. BP

Meanwhile, BP stands for Battle Points, serving as a virtual currency in the PUBG game. It is crucial to understand that BP and UC are different. BP is earned through various in-game activities like eliminating enemies, participating in events, and securing top finishes.

Once you acquire BP, you can use it to purchase a variety of items within the PUBG game, including character skins, weapon skins, vehicle skins, and more. Also, BEP is useful for purchasing “Soldier’s Crate” which is available in the PUBG Mobile game. Notably, having a sufficient amount of BP allows you to exchange it for any desired item available in the PUBG shop.

This concludes the overview of PUBG UC and its distinctions from EXP, RP, and BP. For those interested in topping up UC and enjoying numerous benefits, Lapak Gaming is a reliable and secure platform for UC recharge.

Lapak Gaming offers a range of UC packages, allowing customization based on your requirements and budget. Additionally, Lapak Gaming provides options to Upgrade RP and Upgrade Elite RP, enhancing the overall excitement of the game.