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Quarantine Coping: Hobbies And Other Distractions

Quarantine Coping: Hobbies And Other Distractions

I feel like all of my posts since I started writing again during this pandemic have been about being quarantined. I wish I could talk about other things, alas, our quarantine is still ongoing — it’s the longest in the world now and with no end in sight. I’ll save my rants about our government’s ineptitude for a different time, and instead, share what I’ve been doing to cope. You’d think by now we’d all be experts at this thing already, seeing how long it’s been. But no, I still fail at adjusting to this, as I’m sure you are too.

Aside from trying to find more worthwhile discoveries, I’ve taken up — and sadly stopped — a few hobbies while cooped up at home.

Plant parenthood

Yes, I’m one of those people who became a plant parent because of the pandemic. I’ve always wanted to be one, but the quarantine gave me the opportunity to make it come true. I’m just one of so many who’ve found comfort in rearing plants. We asked an expert why so many of us turned to this hobby here.

We bought so many decorative plants and I even tried my hand at growing vegetables from scraps too. Sadly, my dream of having a vegetable garden won’t materialize anytime soon because I’ve temporarily given up on it. I’m happy to report that our decorative plants continue to thrive though!

Plant selling

I was all about the plant vibe! While we didn’t make a lot of money selling plants like others (who I presume have jacked up the prices way too much), we did earn enough to enjoy ordering food more than once a week. I still like plants and would love to continue selling them, but I’m pausing this endeavor until I’m sure that I’m sourcing it ethically. I’ve seen so many warnings and posts about people poaching — some have even resorted to stealing! — because of the demand. Of course, I can just grow and propagate. I haven’t really given it much thought, but we’ll see.

Fussing about my skin

My Lazada cart is filled with skincare I’d like to try. While I still consider myself a minimalist when it comes to skincare, I’ve found a renewed interest in finding out how else I can improve my skin. The up side is, of course, having better skin, but also because of my excitement, I’ve asked my husband to share my routine again. He’s been liking the results so far. I don’t see myself suddenly not liking this again in the coming months, and I’m quite eager to see what else there is to discover!

Putting makeup on

I’ve always done this, though — putting on makeup even though I’ve nowhere to go — so this is another rekindling. I was half afraid I’d forgotten how to do it before my order for inexpensive products came — reviews on these soon, as in one is scheduled tomorrow — but I’m pleased to learn that I still know how to blend eyeshadow quite well. The brow department, though, needs a bit of help. But boy do I have all the extra time in the world right now to learn!

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Filming… stuff

As of writing, it’s been two weeks since my last YouTube upload. But I still consider this a new-old hobby I’m enjoying. I’m in the midst of writing the script for my next video, which I can hopefully shoot, edit and upload next week.

All of these, I’ve come to realize, are things that allow me to think of a future. I am giddy to learn how big my plants will grow. I’m excited to know and learn what kind of business would really work for me. I want to know how graceful I’d age, and how killer my makeup skills would be. I am psyched to see how my vision would come alive. The future is uncertain, but these ground me and make me believe that there are still things to look forward to.

How have you been coping?

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  • I like this series, but I hope this quarantine would end soon 🙁

    As if it needs confirmation, retail therapy is not an effective coping mechanism for me 😅 All of your activities are more focused towards creating and aren’t passive activities. I should incorporate more of that. Cal Newport said “increase analog activities.”

    • Parang this series is my other way of coping. Haha. I find that doing stuff helps me feel like I accomplished something, so that’s an imaginary pat on my back. Also, it’s cos I can’t concentrate with “passive” activities like reading and watching. Hay. I hope there’s an end to this soon, pero I’m also not getting too excited.

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