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A Few Good Things That Happened During Quarantine

A Few Good Things That Happened During Quarantine

It seems tone-deaf to speak about wins or successes during this trying time. But I also don’t want to focus on just the bad things — truthfully, that’s inevitable, especially with how our government is doing everything against our welfare — so I’m using this to practice gratitude. This is not an escape but a respite. Here are a few good things that happened during quarantine.

I became a better cook during quarantine

It took only 10 years, folks. Hah! But it’s seriously something I’m quite proud of. We still enjoy eating out, of course. But there’s something satisfying about knowing you can just stay home and eat well — not just for sustenance but actually enjoy what you’re having. I have a few specialties now, and I’m learning to make more.

Finding (a bit of) clarity

Everything’s even more uncertain now but I’m glad to have found clarity in some areas of my life during quarantine. Some parts of my career have also settled. I’m still anxious most of the time but there are moments when things seem to be on the right track, and I relish those. I am grateful that I remembered what I am passionate about and have the energy to continue doing it.

The laundry

Do you have a favorite chore? Mine is doing the laundry. I remember telling my aunt when I was young that I like the feeling of success it gives. So that gives me a bit of a high. We used to have our clothes laundered but the pandemic made it difficult, so we finally invested in a washing machine. And, honestly, it might be the best purchase we’ve made this year (for me, at least; I’m sure my husband would say it’s his bike for him).

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There are so many more, but I’ll keep this short. How about you? What are you grateful for amidst all the chaos?