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Sadayo Beach Resort Review — Crystal Clear Waters & Tasteful Design

Sadayo Beach Resort Review — Crystal Clear Waters & Tasteful Design

sadayo beach resort

Batangas province is synonymous with beautiful beaches, among other things. Whichever coastal area of the province you might find yourself in, it’s bound to be close enough to a beach where you can laze around or go swimming at. But I bet the towns of Batangas that you know are home to stunning shorelines don’t include Bauan. Well, this could be me projecting. But yes, this lesser-known neighbor of Mabini, where world-renowned diving spot Anilao is, boasts of beautiful beaches too. We found that out, rather belatedly, when we discovered Bauan’s Sadayo Beach Resort.

I say belatedly because we lived in different areas of Batangas from 2016 to 2022, and Bauan just wasn’t on our radar as a beach town to visit that entire time. Thanks to a Facebook ad they ran, we discovered Sadayo Beach Resort earlier this year.

beachside at sadayo beach resort

Sadayo Beach Resort location

There is nothing unassuming about the beach in Sitio Bubuyan of Brgy. Locloc, where Sadayo is located. It is straight up and immediately delightful. The sand is off-white and has a texture that’s between coarse and fine, making for its own charm. The turquoise sea is crystal clear, allowing you to marvel at the marine life that the area is teeming with when you go snorkeling – you don’t have to venture to the deeper parts of the water to see fishes and the coral reefs they live in; their domain is just a few meters from the shore.

view from sadayo

The mountains that are like a backdrop for the beach when viewed from the sea add invaluably to the beauty of the scenery. You’ll pass through these same mountains when going to and leaving Sadayo Beach Resort. It can get tight in some parts of the mountain road, which can prove to be a challenge for those behind the wheel, but make sure to drink in the mesmerizing views of the sea and the greenery when you can. 

accommodations at sadayo

What scenic beauty mother nature offers, Sadayo Beach Resort tries to complement with its own exquisiteness, which is not matched by its neighbors in the area if they tried. With a tasteful but not over-the-top design sense that to me is more Southeast Asian than boho, which the place is often described as being, it not only stands out in terms of aesthetics in this part of Batangas but it is also right up there with other attractive beach spots across the country as far as vibe is concerned. Whoever designed Sadayo Beach Resort knew what they were doing.

entrance desk at sadayo

Packages and accommodations

The resort offers day tour and overnight packages with its various accommodations, from cottages, huts and air-conditioned rooms, all thoughtfully conceived. When we visited in May, we rented one of their huts, which had more than enough room for the three of us.

mural at sadayo

Their non-air-conditioned accommodations aren’t equipped with a private bathroom. But this shouldn’t be a problem because they have five (or is it six?) shared bathrooms, which in our experience were regularly cleaned.

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Sadayo didn’t have its own restaurant yet when we visited, and that didn’t seem to be set to change in the near future. We brought our own cooked food and all the drinking water we needed, but guests have the option to cook using the resort’s facilities. If you’re lucky, you might chance upon the luscious turon peddled by a local there.

To know about Sadayo Beach Resort’s rates, you can send them a message via their Facebook page

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