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Looking for the Best Sofa Bed From IKEA Philippines? These Are My Top 5

Looking for the Best Sofa Bed From IKEA Philippines? These Are My Top 5

Here are our top picks from the sofa beds at IKEA Philippines.

We’ve had our sofa since 2014 — that’s 7 years now. It’s still in good condition, but it’s due for another reupholstery and filling session. Now that IKEA Philippines is about to open though, we’re considering giving our couch away and getting a sofa bed from the Swedish furniture brand instead.

here are our top picks from the sofa beds in Ikea Philippines

While the old couch has a lot of sentimental value, we think it’s time to give new things a try. (Perhaps when we finally usher in governance in 2022?) So we’ve been looking at the sofa beds from IKEA Philippines online. There are lots of good ones, of course! But we’ve narrowed it down to our top five.


frijeten sleeper sofa

Our first choice is the Frijeten Sleeper Sofa. It’s really the most ‘conventional’-looking sofa, but it fits our minimalist aesthetic well. Our daughter likes lying down on the sofa too, so even though we don’t extend it into a bed, she can fit in nicely while watching cartoons.


fyresdal sofa bed

We love the industrial zen home aesthetic, so we’re definitely considering this style too. The steel frame would look incredibly great with red brick walls and concrete floors. The dream look if you ask me! I’m just not sure how comfortable it is but it truly is a looker.


holmsund sofa bed

This one’s giving me strong cloud couch vibes. If you want the Restoration Hardware look for less, you can perhaps consider this (I definitely will). The only reason why this is isn’t my top pick is it might be too big for our current living room setup.


hems daybed frame

I love that this sofa bed has storage! Extra storage is always a plus. My only concern about this is that it may look better in a child’s room than in the living room. Well, perhaps a choice for our daughter’s bedroom then.

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flottebo sleeper sofa

This one’s a bit wider than your usual couch, so it kind of gives away the fact that it’s a convertible sofa bed right away (but to be honest, nobody really cares haha). It has movable cushions that can be used as backrests or armrests, which is great!

The best part? You can now check out if these sofa beds are now available to purchase through the IKEA Philippines website. (A bit of the downside: Delivery is limited to Metro Manila residents only — for now). Crossing our fingers we can see these in the flesh when the store in MoA opens. (Find out details about its opening date and how to join the membership club if you haven’t yet.)

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