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Stylish Desk Accessories That Will Liven up Your Workspace

Stylish Desk Accessories That Will Liven up Your Workspace

Here are stylish desk accessories that will certainly liven up your workspace.

I’ve been working from home for almost a decade now (yes, way before the pandemic happened), but I never really took office organization and desk accessories seriously. Perhaps it’s because we move frequently, and the thought of putting up and taking things down hindered me from even trying. Well, I decided this time that I’m going to take a stab at it.

While I’m not proud of the fact that I work too much (sometimes even during the weekends), I made it the reason to start taking my workspace seriously — well, at least my desk. The home office will be tended some other time (or not, I’m not sure yet).

My current setup is still quite bare, but I’ve been eyeing some desk accessories to help liven it up.

My setup needs stylish desk accessories.
It’s simple, but it can definitely be better.

My desk is six years old now, and it’s still sturdy. (Kinda makes you think about the craftsmanship of furniture and other items in the past). It’s all white, though I’ve been meaning to paint it black for a while now.

My laptop (which, side note, is part of my vision board for 2021!) sits on an aluminum stand. My keyboard and mouse lie on t he reversible mouse pad that covers the width of my desk.

It’s covered by my coffee cup, but I have a pen holder which is beside my holder of random items (a lip balm, a razor, a thermometer, and two bottles of nail oil). My eyeglasses lens cloth is there too, along with my husband’s earphones.

I’m pretty okay with my current set-up, but it can definitely be better.

Desk setup for productivity

I’ve also learned that there are some ways you can decorate your desk to help you become more productive.

One way is by putting personal knick-knacks and desk accessories such as picture frames, mementos, posters and more.

Another way is by bringing nature to your space. So a pot or two (or three) of your favorite plant can really help.

Curves apparently also help in fostering peace. Put a vase, a glass, a candle or whatever item you please as long as it’s not a square or a rectangle.

With all these in mind, I have a better picture of what I want my desk to look like. I also have some items on my cart now too.

If you’re looking to upgrade your desk situation too, here are some of my top picks.

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