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3 Things About Threads That Give Me the Ick

3 Things About Threads That Give Me the Ick

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Perhaps this is another lesson in waiting for the hype to die down before jumping on the bandwagon. So, Threads, huh? Did you sign up for it? If you haven’t, you may want to read this first and pause.

I signed up on the day it was released and I’m now having the ick. Here’s what I don’t like about Threads so far.

1. No option for personalization

The first thing you’d expect from any social media is the option to personalize your feed. It’s about finding the people and interests you want to follow and make spending time on the app a meaningful experience for you. Yeah, there’s none of that on Threads.

Sure, you’re given the option to follow people you also follow on Instagram since the two are tied together (more on this later!), but you also get fed with ‘threads’ (? not even sure what single posts there are called) you don’t really care about. Which leads me to the second point.

2. It’s toxic positivity city

And the ones leading the pack? Well, don’t even let me get started.

The site was positioned as something to rival Twitter. And, while it’s true that Twitter has become somewhat of a cesspool, especially after the awful emerald billionaire took over, Threads is already competing with it in terms of bad quality content. Everyone’s just so positive, asking people to stop cancel culture and just focus on butterflies and rainbows and unicorns. Yeah, no. Not for me.

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3. It’s a trap

Okay, so I decided it wasn’t for me, right? Well, it turns out I can’t just delete my account. Because then I’d have to delete my Instagram account too. I did just delete the app on my phone and don’t think I’ll re-download it but it feels like I just gave away my data for nothing again.

So the key takeaway in this is if you’ve not signed up to Threads yet, you may want to hold off some more and think about it. There’s a chance you might like it! But these are the reasons I strongly dislike it.

Some things to spend time on instead of scrolling through Threads: