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Planning a Summer Getaway? Try Tondol Beach

Planning a Summer Getaway? Try Tondol Beach

tondol beach

Looking for a new spot to spend summer in? Try Tondol Beach in Anda, Pangasinan.

You may know the province of Pangasinan because of the Hundred Islands. Well, get ready to meet their mother. Yup, Anda Island is actually called the ‘Mother of the Hundred Islands’.

What is Tondol Beach known for?

tondol beach
Photo by @randitecson

If you’re a laid-back beach visitor who prefers just to feel the breeze by the sea and white sand on your toes, you’ll like Tondol Beach’s shallow waters and expansive sand bar. But you can still definitely take a dip during high tide!

It’s also near Tanduyong Island, which you can visit by foot from Tondol during low tide.

How much is the entrance fee at Tondol Beach?

There are lots of resorts now at Tondol Beach, but there’s an area that’s still open to the public with a minimal fee. (We’re guessing this used to be free and hoping that the fees gathered are really utilized for the beach’s environmental maintenance.)

There is an entrance fee of P5 per head and an environmental fee of P20 per head.

Cottages are also available for rent in the area. You can pay to use one for an entire day for P500 and overnight for another P500. Start times can be better advised by the locals manning the area though so make sure you ask when you get there!

How to get to Andal, Pangasinan

Speaking of getting there, here’s how to get to Andal, Pangasinan.

If you’re taking a private vehicle, Google Maps or Waze is your friend. Just pin the location and go! It takes about 4 hours if you’re driving.

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There are also buses that go straight to Anda from Cubao, Quezon City. If you’re from the southern part of Metro Manila, though, you may want to try the buses from Pasay heading to Bolinao; Anda is part of the route.

You can check out the schedule of Five Star here. The one-way fare is around P650.

From Anda town proper, you can take a tricycle ride to Tondol Beach!

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